leah of leisure

When I quit my job before business school I called my funemployed summer "The Summer of Leisure" (pronounce leh-zur). Two years later when I found myself with five months of funemployment between graduation and starting work it became "The Summer of Leisure, Part Deux". These were two of the greatest times of my life full of travel, friends, sleeping in, and binge watching/reading whatever I wanted.

I re-picked up photography in 2015 after changing jobs and have been trying to bring aspects of my leisure life back into my daily life ever since. It can be hard, but each week I try to take at least "one photo worth sharing". I don't always pull it off, but I hope having a place to share the pictures will spark more pictures... and more leisurely activities to capture!

If you're interested in working with me for family photos or otherwise, check out my "official" photography site: LV Photography